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hey :)
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Default hey :)


I'm new here. sorta. lol Posted yesterday before seeing this little thing. but hey

I'm kinda...newb to tourney play. lol i play with buds at home and maybe mess around at the store a bit.

My armies are:
blood angels

kinda lookin' to start a 3rd. just for fun.

i have tau units (battleforce)

but i found out not to like them too much
(trying to sell...any offers? :P)

anywho... hey these are pretty awesome boards!

congratulate yourselves on that.


see ya around
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Default Re: hey :)

I've seen you around me boards... But welcome anyway! Enjoy your stay!
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Default Re: hey :)

Just ignore the Tyranids lack of grammar, he's not had enough chainaxe beatings yet to whip into shape .

Welcome to the forums
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Default Re: hey :)

W_H is now offering a one time only 5 blood cookies for the price of one! all i need is your immortal soul and this document signing over your children's sould in triplicate laminated and sealed in a super clearsteal safe.

any takers?

oh and welcome ^_^
I bet I have more hobbies than you do.
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