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hi from decado
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Default hi from decado

Well this is the bit i hate,

Hi im decado, and im (insert uncomfortable pause here) a WARGAMER.

im 31, been involved in the hobby since rouge trader (damn i wish i'd kept that book), when you could buy a whole army for 15 quid.

I'm a member of the british army, (so paid a lot of pennies,(and i do mean pennies)).

I worked for GW for about 2 years throughout the UK. A while ago 98-00

I've been on the tournament scene for the last couple of years, so if your going to heat 2 40k gt 07 then you'll see me.

As for armies ive got most, but won't play orcs,or nids, & don't have a dark eldar army (yet).

edit ref the grand seer's post

im scottish,

and a bit more infoabout me;

I'm one of those players who turns up with at least 4 troop choices, in his army and they're not min max either.

e.g. half way down the page
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Default Re: hi from decado

Hello, I'm The Grand Seer and I play Eldar and Marines.

Are you English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Channel Islandish or Isle of Mannish? Yay, another Brit, we're gaining on the Americans!

I will give you an eldar vegan-welcome-cookie (read my sig, lower down, a quote from Falstead) and a purity seal, I also denounce you heretic, give you a real cookie, three inquisitorial rosettes, the blessing of the deceiver and an ethereal's honour blade.


Now hurry on like a good boy and read the forum rules, be good and get lots of Karma (but not more than me 'cause I'll feel depressed). :'(
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Default Re: hi from decado

and in true american fashion, i dont give a [explative sort of deleted] where youre from, unless it is not on htis planet!

blood cookie?

and last of all, as an Eldar player: It's all in my sig pic..... (also read the text under the pic)
I bet I have more hobbies than you do.
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