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hello tau players out there
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Kroot Warrior
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Default hello tau players out there

;D hello tau players ive ben into warhammer 40k for 2 years now ive have played 2 armies as of date and am starting tau as my 3rd. i like it the best so far . ive played chaos and IG. if uve got anything to say to help me get started id greatly apprieciate it.

For the Greater Good!
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Default Re: hello tau players out there

yeah go back to the guard, traitor.

Anyways, WELCOME to TO.

HAve a kroot action figure. And some rassberry ripple. And a piece of wood. And so jam. And a sign that says "woop!". and a women called phil. And a necromancer in pyjamas. And a giant map of S.E denmark. And a pice of my left arm. And a man from france with two russian parents. and flip. and a flop. a pice of cardboard. a large piece of tescos value bubble wrap. half a cookie (you get the other half later when your good!). A giant pink thing of some description.

as you can tell, we at TO cherish our new memebers... :funny:
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Default Re: hello tau players out there


Welcome to Tau Online, please read the Forum Rules and stick by them closely! Otherwise people here will drop on you like a ton of bricks! That aside we are all here to help, so feel free to ask questions (on the appropriate boards of course!) Anyway good luck with the Tau...

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Default Re: hello tau players out there

IG... Good
Tau... Good
Chaos... We'll have to let Malveaux "interview" you. ^.^

FYI: If you can't find him, look around the Inquisiton boards, he's also known for the infamous "Mal post" that contains no less than three full paragraphs of information. On a final note, he is the only member to have ever recieved over +100 Karma. He is a close runner of God-dom versus Tau Online himself and Wargamer.

Enjoy this site, and remember, we are happy to have all members here, but we love those who can spell and use grammer properly the most!
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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