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Hey Everyone
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Hey Everyone

Hi warhammer comunity. Im from the UK but I'm not new to the whole universe and fluff. but i've just actually started playing and like to learn more.

Im collecting Tau and i've only played two games but i wish to practice and play with more people if i have the chance.

thanks and looking forward for a good chat with you guys : )
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General Stupidity
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Default Re: Hey Everyone


Welcome to Tau Online, ask questions, make questions, whatever! we are all here to help. Remember to stick by the Forum Rules and you should be fine.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Hey Everyone

Aha, another member who's only played the two. I used to just model and paint figures which took my fancy (chaos ... eldar ... coppleston castings etc) just based on the figure. Tau caught my eye as it's mechwarrior meets Manga ... you gotta love it ;D
Support my local independent stockist The Gamers Guild (www.thegamersguild.co.uk). They stock the usual GW gear plus wargame miniatures from Reaper, Copplestone Castings, The Assault Group, West Wind, Artizan Designs, Renegade Miniatures, Conquest Miniatures, Projekt X and Sloppy Jalopy. They also have cheaper alternatives for modelling, scenery, paints and tools. They also stock a wide variety of board games, collectable card games, books and run in store games days and events! They make a cracking cup of coffee as well
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