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Greetings All
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Greetings All

Hello everyone. New to these forums, thought I'd pop in and say hi. Haven't even browsed these before but I am sure they shall be quite informative. I am 24 and from London, England.

Been playing Tau only for a couple of months now (since about July). Been playing 40k for about 10 years however (with a break in between), and as such am still getting my head around the more subtle (or just plain unclear or contradictory) rules of the game.

I own about 3000 points of Tau and about 5000 points of Eldar. I used to have Ultramarines, but they got sold a while back.

I am a poster on Librarium Online (mainly in the Tau section, but otherwise generally all over the place there).

So far, the few games I have played, my record is: Win 7, Draw 1, Lose 0.
I put this down to a couple of games in store being against younger and less experienced players and the others are with some friends who I always change the composition of my army so as to not let them get used to one list.

My lists vary from time to time. Sometimes Ill take Hammerheads and Devilfish with lots of troops and few Crisis suits. Other times Ill take no HH or armour, take loads of suits, fewer troops, broadsides and sniper teams, and then I might also go Skimmers galore and use Tetra's, TX-42, Piranha's and Fish with HH and zoom around the board like a nutter (though to be honest I have not Actually done this yet as I only recently got my Tetra's and TX-42).

Then just to make sure my opponent cant guess what to expect, ill mix and match the whole lot...

I game for fun, not for the win... though the win is always nice :-) (My eldar have a particularly poor success rate).
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Greetings All

Wow that's a lot of points. Eldar and Dark Eldar I've only even seen loose to Tau at my local games shop. I'm not really sure what makes this happen as most teams are even so long as you play to your strengths. I saw a squad of firewarriors kick in a group of wyches ... very strange!
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