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The All Powerful Photon Cannon
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Old 03 Dec 2006, 23:41   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default The All Powerful Photon Cannon

Unknown to many Tau players the Tau actually have weapon that can beat the awesome firepower of the railgun. The photon cannon is a very destructive weapon yet it is unkown to many because it was too powerful to put in the codex. >It can only be used on an XV8 Battlesuit and it's stats are as follows.

It is an assault and a lance weapon with 2 shots and it has a 2D6+2 shots rule against anything that isn't a vehicle.
Strength: 9
Range: 48 inches
AP: 1

These things can do some serious damage but I don't know if you can buy these or not.
If anyone knows where or how I can get one please reply!
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Old 04 Dec 2006, 10:32   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The All Powerful Photon Cannon

Sounds WAY too powerful... the sort of thing that should be on a broadside not an XV8... and had better cost an aweful lot of points.

Never heard of it myself... might be an experimental rule, player weapon or such like... its not mentioned in the Tau codex, Imperial Armour 3: Taros Campaign or in the Imperial Update 2006...

Saying that, it might have a mention in the Epic section of IA3 - but it will most likely be on a tank or something.

The whole 2d6+2 shots against anything that isnt a vehicle is way too overpowered, especially at Str: 9 Ap: 1. If you shoot at a vehicle, how many shots does it get? Where did you get the idea from?
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Default Re: The All Powerful Photon Cannon

The photon cannon is kinda a running joke, some new player made it up a long time ago, and no one believed he was serious about it.... I think.

@WH40K@1 the photon cannon is a joke, completely ignore it. It doesn't exist, it never wll, except in a fanboy's dream.

Oh and BTW, this does not belong in the Intro board, try house rules for this sort of thing.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The All Powerful Photon Cannon

Thought as much... the weapon idea does seem utterly STUPID! ;D
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Default Re: The All Powerful Photon Cannon

Why is this even in the Introduce Yourself board? It clearly has nothing to do with introducing yourself. This kind of thing belongs in another board; the House Rules board to be specific. This board is for introducing yourself, so post about that, not something completely different.

Anyways. Welcome to the forums, don't forget to read the rules.


Originally Posted by WH40K@1
If anyone knows where or how I can get one please reply!
And there's no weapon like this. Way too powerful.

Have fun on the forums.
Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: The All Powerful Photon Cannon

And if you find other such weapons, either go to House Rules or to the Rumors sections of the board. We enjoy having inventive minds and those who will look at things with an optimistic look.

Originally Posted by Komrad
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