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Hey Everyone
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Default Hey Everyone

Hello all. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joe and I'm 23 years old. I live in New Jersey, USA and I just graduated from college (Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT) this May. I've been into Warhammer for a few years now, but still have not actually gotten any games under my belt. I got interested in the game with one of my roomates a few years ago. I'm not sure how we got into the discussion (I think one of his friends was over, trying to convince him to get into it) and we decided to each start an army, build together, and learn/play. I chose the Space Marines (as they were readily available at the local store - got a Megaforce) cause they looked freakin' cool and pretty bad@$$. He took the Eldar, so we had some fun painting sessions. I got into the Tau a few months ago when I picked up my model building again. I was on Wikipedia and reading up on all the stuff and thought "hey...the Tau would be a cool army to try." So I won a few really good eBay auctions and got myself started.

I'm still trying to collect a bunch for my army (I'm an idiot in the sense that I buy before I play, I guess), so I'm still in the process of finishing my army. I came here to try and find the best paint scheme to use and which would fit me and techniques and whatnot. My favorite part of doing this stuff is putting together and painting the models. I swear I'm gonna wind up with 6 different armies by next year, and not even played a game yet!

Anyways, that's me: Space Marine & Tau collector and lover of the building/painting process. I hope to see you guys on the boards!
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Default Re: Hey Everyone

Originally Posted by Firebird4Life
I swear I'm gonna wind up with 6 different armies by next year, and not even played a game yet!
Heh I know the feeling. To me 75% of WH40k is assambling and painting

Anyway welcome onboard. Its always nice to see a new face
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