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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hello

Hi all

Well I'm Semo, commander of the tau and trained space marine killer. I started my tau army about six months ago just because i really like the battlesuits and firepower. I had some space marines be for but i never really had the time and money to make a real army. So i gave my marines to a friend and he added a lot of units to make it into a really army. At the same time i got myself the tau battleforce and added some more units. I now have an army of 1800 Pt's
I looking forward to reading your ideas and tactics.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Hello


welcome to the site, i am new here to.

I have only started Tau (or any warhammer as it happes) recentle. i brought a battfource and soem extra bits.


jammie & lion
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General Stupidity
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Default Re: Hello


And Welcome to Tau Online, remember to obey the Forum Rules, but most importantly have a good time. Good luck with the Tau as-well.
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Default Re: Hello

Welcome, enjoy your stay.
Have a great time
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