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Introduction of awesomeness!
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Default Introduction of awesomeness!

I may or may not have lied about the awesomeness part but at least it's an introduction and 1/3 ain't bad. (What's an "of" and what does it do?)

Anyway, I've been playing warhammer for a while. Started off playing Khorne but after a while the play style became a bit stale so I had a short stint with Iron warriors which was ment to be the opposite end of the spectrum. Turns out 3+ saves are boring regardless of whether ur passing them in combat or against shooting. So I've decided I'll play Tau. I love the new weapon sets I'll have to familiarize myself with, the fact that I can't get away with making mistake and just the general idea around tau.

Also, I play woodelves in fantasy (And enjoy long walks on the beach and classical music. What do u mean this isn't that kinda forum? Jk )

Oh, and one more thing, I live in Canberra, Australia, so if ur in the area and want a game then feel free to give me the heads up. Yeah, that seems to cover everything. Is there anything I missed?
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Default Re: Introduction of awesomeness!

Nice to meetcha Mr Puppy. Hvae a great time here and I hope you enjoy Tau!

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Default Re: Introduction of awesomeness!

Welcome dude.
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Default Re: Introduction of awesomeness!

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