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It's the Floobosaur!!! - Huh? Budda-buh?
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Default It's the Floobosaur!!! - Huh? Budda-buh?

Hi everyone, I'm [glow=red,2,300]Floobosaurus!![/glow]


Yeah, so I've only just started 40k, back in June when me and my friend were taking summer school.

Anyway, being the complete and utter newb, one of the first 40k sites I found was Tau Online, and I really like it here. Lots of friendly people and lots of things to learn.

I've actually been frequenting this site for a long time, so I guess it's about time I joined the club. I currently own a small but growing Tau force (~850 pts), [size=8pt]fighting the good fight among a sea of giants - spurred onwards particularly by my buddy's bargain hunting forays into eBay (like, this guy's already scrounged up something like 3000 pts of stuff vs my few hundred), all the while negotiating my way through the trecherous waters of university, striking a fine balance between school and life, fantasy and insanity, horror an-[/size] <cut>

So yeah, I hope for the best, and look forward to being a part of this online community.

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Default Re: It's the Floobosaur!!! - Huh? Budda-buh?

Originally Posted by Floobosaurus
Yeah, so I've only just started 40k, back in June when me and my friend were taking summer school.
Hey everyone, I'm that friend. I play Blood Ravens (space marines) It sort of gets a little dull playing the same Tau battleforce every week but then again there's not much more I can ask for.

And yes, Ebay got some good deals if you didn't already know that.
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Default Re: It's the Floobosaur!!! - Huh? Budda-buh?

Well welcome to both of you. Be sure to follow our rules and feel encouraged to ask questions. It is a good idea to do a search first though.

Plenty of good reading materials and helpful hobby advice etc etc.

Welcome! Believe in our destiny(forum motto)
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