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ten hut
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Default ten hut

hello 40k people.
I am recently brought back into the hobby by my roomate. he told me to check out this site for help and advice with the new system (GW seems to change the rules every so often so I have some catching up to do). Most of the 40k I played was around 1995 when 2nd edition was in full swing. I have some really REALLY old white dwarfs and a few pre-classic figures of my own, and a smattering of imperial forces I recently grabbed from Ebay - hardly a collection, but enough to play with. I am going with the Imperial Guard approach this time but in my heyday (aka when I was 12 and had nothing else to waste an allowance on) I was a proud owner of some orks, marines, squats, and my favorite - harlequins. Those figures are long gone, so I am starting fresh a decade later.

Since there are no more Harlequins I will go a new route I have never tried before.

I have always admired Guard for the sense of drama involved when mere humans have to deal with huge and powerful abominations with nothing but guts and a standard issue rifle, so the first army I have started collecting is Imperial, perhaps with a small attachment of space marines that I got from the MacCragge box. (my friend took the genestealers for his already-huge tyranid army but let me keep the rulebook and terrain)

I am rusty on the rules. I have played 2 games with my roommates and 1 in a store and need to be walked through the rules sometimes because I am a bit rusty (I was playing 2nd ed. when I was 12 and not much since)

I love this game for its flavor and appreciate neat concepts in an army far more than statistically viable and min-maxed perfection armies, and I don't like playing games against people who take that approach. My view is that if you want a real strategy game, find a chessboard. If you want a fun game, play Warhammer, but play in the spirit of the game rather than just to win.

Of course we all want to win. Winning is fun. But I would have more fun with a desperate struggle between 2 not-so-perfect armies than beating someone in a shut out because one of us fine tuned an army and the other did not.

I plan on posting a list of the figures I have available and some of the different army lists they can be used with. They are all basic Cadian style I.G. figures, plus a few marines and none are converted yet because I have a job that takes too much of my time, so if anyone has a similar collection to mine I would appreciate suggestions and hints for how to use it.

about me:
I like to watch football (american) and I like playing the piano. I went to college but left to get a job so I could have some money. I am a slacker. I live in a dirty house with 4 other dirty slackers. The quintessential bachelor pad. I read an awful lot, and have a job doing tech support for a pittance and helping people who can't understand the idea of double-clicking a mouse. I like a lot of wierd music. Anyone seeking to broaden their horizons in that area just ask and I will give you a must-listen list of really good stuff. Other than that, I just crack out on Fallout Tactics and Master Of Orion II, go to the occasional keg party (I live in a college town), work, poop, eat, sleep, etc. We have a 40k game every sunday, and a Dungeons And Dragons game twice a month.

There's my introduction. Now I have much Forum stuff to read.

p.s. It is really inspiring to see a site like this. Makes me want to paint.
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Default Re: ten hut

hello and welcome to the board dude . I hear one can build some very cool fluff driven forces that are still tactically effective using the traits and doctrines systems found in the most up to date guard Dex . I myself play tau and I enjoy the challenge of playing tau
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Default Re: ten hut


Welcome to Tau Online! Remember to obey the Forum Rules, but most importantly have a good time!

Yeah, Imperial Guard are the most characterful army around. From the sounds of it you like the whole desperate fighters feel? Well I would recommend buying a Black Library Book called Fifteen Hours, I read it and I found it gives a great insight into the true nature of the Guard, books like the Gaunts Ghosts glorify Guard to much, so yeah I think Fifteen Hours would most likely inspire you greatly...

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Default Re: ten hut

Hey man, how about those Colts? Still undefeated. ;D

Oh, and, welcome to TauOnline!
If you find a spelling or grammatical error in one of my posts, message me, I will give you a cookie.

If you need help with a Tau army list, go ahead and pm me, always willing to help.
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