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Hi guys - i'm here!
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Default Hi guys - i'm here!

Hi to all,
i'm a newcomer here and now i have ti introduce myself! ;D

[glow=red,2,300]First of all[/glow]: i'm italian and my english is not perfect so please take care to me. :-[

After play marines, chaos marines, and orks I buy a 1500 p.ts tau army some weeks ago.

The italian codex is a little bit different from the english one, someones say that the correct version of the original english one is take for the translation, but i'm not so sure of it. ???

So i'm glad to take part of this forum for have a chance to boost up my experience in tau tactics. >

..:: il Mozzo! ::..
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Default Re: Hi guys - i'm here!

Benvenuto all'amico in linea di Tau! Goda il vostro soggiorno. ;D
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Default Re: Hi guys - i'm here!

Welcome! (Heh, I don't speak italian. Sorry! :P)
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