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Default Greetings

The Etherial turned his gaze skyward to the Xv8 Battlesuit that loomed overhead, or atleast the outline of it. The planet Ss'ayte was in constant night, and along with the perpetual darkness came endless rain, leaving thousands of kilometers of open plains, flooded to ankle height.
"They should be back by now, Aloh'Cha" came the voice of the Etherial, the tone soft but powerful, breaking through the sound of the relentless rain.
"They should." Came the voice fo the commander, turning the head of the battlesuit to the etherial, then back across one of Ss'ayte's long plains. "Prepare to mobilise. The Gue'Au'Ar will not reclaim this world."
the Etherial nodded. "It is part of the greater good. The world holds thousands of tons of our most needed resources." "And many of their webway gates" Cut in the Commander. The 'silence' resumed, the rain once again making itself known. "Prepare yourself Etherial. It is time."
With a heave of tired steel, the battlesuit began to move. Slowly at first, it raised a foot, and brought it crashing down in the water, the hours of standing motionless taking their toll on the machinery.
"Tonight, there will be blood." Thought the Commander to himself. "A shame."

Well hello everybody. I'm Lewis, 17, England. I found this very nice site through a goold search for dark planets (kinda odd /shrug) but here I am. I collect Tau, and base the Sept on a very unique background.

A rogue planet (Ss'ayte) left orbit around it's original star when a huge battle ended, and the destruction of a chaos warpgate blasted the planet out of it's orbit. Originally a lush green 'M Class' Planet, similar to Earth, with wide spaces of land and sea, as it left orbit, it cooled, and was bathed in a perpetual darkness. Now it is in the core of the galaxy hurtling to unknown ends. There would be nothing to it, except that the tau have scanned it's surface and interior, finding it to be rich in high quality minerals. The Ol'por (bright water) Sept was ironically sent to guard the moving world from the hazards they may find in open space.
Now they find themselves in a long and hard war against the Eldar strike lances of Farseer J'arus Gilbertas, fighting for control of the planet's resources.

And now. I bring you the war!

--- Shas'O Aloh'Cha
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Default Re: Greetings

Hi, and welcome to the TauOnline forums, enjoy your stay and read the rules!
If you find a spelling or grammatical error in one of my posts, message me, I will give you a cookie.

If you need help with a Tau army list, go ahead and pm me, always willing to help.
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Default Re: Greetings

hello there newcomer have a nice time everybody is friendly
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