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Glory to the Imperium of Man!
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Default Glory to the Imperium of Man!

Glory to the Imperium! Death to all heretics, xenos, and demons who dare disturb the Light of the Emperor's Justice! May they know His Wrath!
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Default And now for a nice Tyranid welcome. ;)

We will come for you. Thousands of us. Tearing. Screaming. Insatiable hunger. Ravenous. We will come for you, Flesh and Blood, Body and Soul!

Devour all!
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Default Re: Glory to the Imperium of Man!


Welcome to Tau Online, remember to obey the Forum Rules, but most importantly have a good time! Sounds like your quite the devout Imperial Citzen? Just remember, any retreating, desertion or cowardice will be punishable by execution (las-bolt in the back of the head!) :P

See you around.
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