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Hola, fellow tau'rinos!
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Default Hola, fellow tau'rinos!

;D Hello everyone,

Just thought I would drop in and say hello after discovering this awesome forum,.... more specialised and interesting than some of the others I have seen. I am a nascient Tau commander, with a 2000 pt army ive been putting together over the years and wish to learn to play it. Ive been playing IG for 7 years, SM and CSM for nearly 10, and before that was a fantasy kid... think ive been into the game since -1989, which is pretty funny bc im only 24... I am a law student... and I love DOW.


Cant think of anything else...

Do feel free to drop e a PM if you want to know about how to effectively kill off the IG, fight with IG, against IG, or just to know what temperature to set your fusion blaster to make roast IG.

For the greater gangsta, yo
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