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I have returned
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Default I have returned

G'day Mates

Andrew (or Aki) here. I had written my first and last post on Tau Online a few months ago, and sadly forgot to post since.

I am primarily an Ork player and go by the name Redbakk Grukk on the Waaagh.com. I have finally got around to starting my tau force, the first non-Ork army that hasn't resulted in buying more Orks instead of tau.

my force is incrediably small, due to budgeting, but here's a list of what i have.

HQ: Tau Commander
TROOPS: 1 six-tau FW squad and 1 7-tau FW squad
FAST ATTACK: 5 gun drones

A small patrol force, but enough (i think) to start playing games. i plan on getting another fire warrior box so i have 2 full squads

anyway i'll continue this discussion on the tau pages

Shi Tau'va (Aki)
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Default Re: I have returned

Welcome back Good to see you back.
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Default Re: I have returned

Hehe, that's kinda like what I did. 'Cept mine was a whole year :-[

Came in, posted once, never really posted again... Found the site again a year later, went to register my e-mail "E-mail taken!" "Do what?" and realized I had my old account :P

Tau are pretty beastly at combat patrol, though, so you'll do well ^_^
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Oh, ha ha. Masturbation. :
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...Huh? What the crap?
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