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Kroot Warrior
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Default HI!

Hi everyone.
I'm a complete gaming novice (I played one game of 12 on 12 over at my mate's house one night), but I had a ball and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to start collecting these babies (that would be the Tau ...cool or what?). My birthday was pretty recent (last month) and I have a ton of cash, well a ton of cash for a fifteen year old, so I'll have to hit the store...
But first I wanted to check on what I should get, and (perhaps more importantly to me) how I should assemble it. See I have a habit of wanting to make things look cool, while disregarding whatever rules might be in place, so I thought if I joined here, talked to some experts ( :P) - I could learn a few things. I've had a look around, and it looks like a great site.

SO, yes, sorry for the life story
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Default Re: HI!

it is a decent site isn't it?

Models are easy enough, just make sure you take the same arms from the same bit of sprue, otherwise they don't match up.

And welcome to he board, head over to the tau board and read some stickies!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: HI!

Okay, thanks.
I'll try not to make myself look too much of an idiot

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Default Re: HI!

i've played tau for a while now and they do look pretty cool.

if you have the time and patience, you should figure out a paint scheme and paint your bits on the sprues. thats what i did with my dwarves and they turned out prtetty good (not to toot my own horn or anything ^-^). Also you should buy a codex first of course, and i would advise reading the whole thing. also if you havnt already, you should buy an overall rulebook or the battle for macragg set, depends how in depth you want the rules to be.

if you just want a quick paint then you should look at the games workshop website. that should help a lot.

also how do you find 24 people to play this game. i only know 7 and most of them only have like two units?

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Default Re: HI!

If you want a decent deal, try and get your hands on the Tau megaforce, it has a pretty decent variety of good stuff!!

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