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Kroot Warrior
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So I found out through Warvault this most excellent site. I havent had the chance to fully go through and actually look at everything but the site looks awesome! I will try to post when I can but most of my time is taken up by my roleplaying site ( http://z9.invisionfree.com/Liber_Hereticus ) but I will do what I can to post regularly! Also I was wondering whom I talk to in regards to affiliating with Tau Online?
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That would most probably be the big man himslef, tau online.

welcome to the boards!
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Welcome and enjoy the Forums
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Send a message via MSN to Abaddon the despoiler
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welcome to tau online i;m abaddon the despoiler
and i come to say i will make you my pet and if you be good to me i will
make you lord commander ok.

ps. let the galaxy burn and let them know my name abaddon the despoiler
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hey, welcome to tau online
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Old 06 Oct 2006, 19:29   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: New

Despoiler - I really dont think so, you can try, but no.

Everyone else - Thanks for the warm welcome.
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