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Default Hello


I'm just restarting the game after being away for a while. I'm an old Eldar player started playing about 94...good lord has it really been that long?? haven't played much in the last 3 years. But seen some new models and had to get one or 2 to paint well like a fish I'm once again hooked. here is a brief rundown of my eldar army: All characters including Avatar. have 2 full squads of any aspect warrior. have about 50 guardians 8 heavy weapon platforms 15 wrathguard 10 wraith lords ( just like em ) 1 scout TITAN (old armorcast) 2 superheavy Tempest, 3 old waveserpants (armorcast) 2 wave serpents(converted falcons) 1 falcon, 2 vypers, 3 war walkers (1 is the old with the separated driver legs). 12 old harlequins... and i have a few other odds and ends of other armies like Bjorn or the old marine dreadnought have a kaos dread a land raider a tau hammerhead prob about 30-40 space marine troops......

Last time I played in a league I was marked for death I won so much that the owner of the store put a bounty on my head. The winner of each battle turned in a battle report and 1$. He said if anyone beat me the store would cover the battle report.... well i saved the store plenty and went undefeated that season almost lost to a Nid. player that was a close bloody fight.

well thats about it
see you all around
OOPS sorry did i put that hole in your chest?!?.. Here let me CUT it out.
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Default Re: Hello


WOW! You have a lot of Eldar, probably half the race! :P Seriously, welcome to Tau-Online, remember to obey the Forum Rules, and most importantly have a good time.

See you around.
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Default Re: Hello

hey, welcome to tau online, seeya around~!
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