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Oy, ya gitz, lissen gudd! I'z da newest n00bling!!
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Old 27 Sep 2006, 23:03   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Oy, ya gitz, lissen gudd! I'z da newest n00bling!!

I'm Big Boss Mad Bazza da Krumpet, da most krumpinezt, most proppa and most duffin' boss in deze parts (well, fer miles anyway). I zoggin' 'ate fish'edz an' panzeez an' any uvva gitz wot ain't proppa, but fish'edz iz da worst - dat's why we need proppa ladz on deze boardz ter keep 'em in check. WAAAGH! ;D

Yeah ... Hola, I'm Andy. I'm thirteen and I've been playing for about two and a half years, three years tops - I've mostly been army building for the last six or so months since emmigrating from Nottingham (in Britisher)to Christchurch (NZed), so in gaming terms I'm an absolute newb.

I'm awful at painting my existing models before buying new 'unz, but meh. I'm an Ork player, we don't need to rationalise our actions. We can't spell words like rashunahloize.

WAAAGH! da newbs. ;D
Find church with new Colgate Extra Whitening!!

Don't walk so gudd wivaht yer 'ed do ya, blooskinned git?
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Default Re: Oy, ya gitz, lissen gudd! I'z da newest n00bling!!

what up dude

have fun in deez forumz
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Old 02 Oct 2006, 11:41   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Oy, ya gitz, lissen gudd! I'z da newest n00bling!!

Excellent. Someone who can take and make a 40k joke!
Originally Posted by Komrad
By the Holy Beard of the Prophet!
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Default Re: Oy, ya gitz, lissen gudd! I'z da newest n00bling!!

i guess you like orks?

;D just kidding. hey and welcome. if you ever talk to someone called alaric, diss him. i have my reasons...
I love looking back to yesterday, to see how we performed.
Then, looking to today, and seeing how we've improved.

Unfortunately, looking back to the things posted here, I realised I can now do much better :3

Here are my step by step tutorials for ease of use
Dreadnought close combat arms
Ig tanks
Ork PowerKlaw
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Default Re: Oy, ya gitz, lissen gudd! I'z da newest n00bling!!

Originally Posted by Mad Bazza da Krumpet
but fish'edz iz da worst -
Fish 'Ead's gonna kick your D'yi. :P

Welcome to the forums.
Originally Posted by Falstead
Falstead: I don't think you can ever justify a T5 goat in a regular 40k game
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