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Hi There
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Default Hi There

Hi guys,

Since I've moved from lurking to make a post I thought I should also post a hello in here.

I got into 40k because my D&D group broke up and went our merry ways. As we didn't have time to organise & play D&D games due to distance and work schedules it was decided that 40k was the way to go (easier to organise games & it didnít matter if not everyone could make it to the game). That was about 2 years ago.

I tend to treat 40k as a social game. I'm there to enjoy my self with mates and kill some time. I find I really enjoy playing but I'm not to keen on the painting side of things (my minis never seem to come out right).

I currently play in a social group of 4. We generally get a game in at least once a month. We've got two SM players, a player who alternates between Tau and Necrons, and myself (playing Nids currently). I found I didn't like playing in my local game store because the people there were only out to win (and crush the new guy rather than help him learn the game); plus they weren't very good sports. Now that Iíve got more game experience Iím thinking about going back and seeing if the landscape has changed.

I was originally attracted to the Tau for their Mecha look and feel (Iím a big mecha nut). I didnít start with the Tau because the Red Shirts said I should start with SM, and as I was just starting out their word was law (Iíve since learnt theyíre people with opinions like the rest of us Ė and the occasionally screw up). Plus because one of my mates is very territorial about his armies (he wanted to play tau) I shifted to some different armies before deciding to come back to Tau.

I've played SM (which I found boring), IG (which I got crushed so badly with that I stoped playing and almost gave up the hobby), Nids (2k+ but mostly unpainted) and now I'm using Tau.

I don't want to put my Tau on the table until they're all painted. Iíve found that it looks really poor when youíre the only guy who hasnít got a painted army. So it's slow going. After 3 months of work I've got 3 painted minis (I'm not very keen on painting as I've already said). I tend to be a perfectionist and expect my minis to be perfect (which theyíre not because Iím only a beginner).

I can be a bit of a rules lawyer; it comes from playing D&D for so long. I believe if there's a rule we should use it; however I'm not averse to throwing out rules that don't make sense. And house rules can be good fun. In my gaming group we have currently made up a couple of house rules for situations where we have found there to be no ďofficialĒ rule; or found the ďofficialĒ rule to be so poorly worded that it is insufficient or irrelevant.

The one thing I really want to improve upon is my painting. I find that Iím generally pretty good with the rules (a rules lawyer thing). My group are trying to help me along with that. Plus Iíve found a whole bunch of useful tips from my lurking around different 40k forums.

Anyway Ö Thatís me Ö. I know itís a bit long winded (I tend to be that way).

O yeah Ö Iím 28 (the youngest in my gaming group).

My Tau aren't out of the painting shop yet.
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