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What else can I say? Hello!
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Default What else can I say? Hello!

So yeah.

I've had my 40k stuff for a few years, however shortly after initally getting into the game, the friend and I who were going to play ended up parting ways (Not a loss of the actual friendship. We just got seperated). So, essentially it's been sitting in a box for 3 years. However, after a small indulgance into D&D minis, I realized I really wanted to get back into (Or just into I guess) the game.

All I have are Tau, and it's not even a full batallion yet, so expect a few topics asking about prospects. Of course, that doesn't mean I have no idea what I'm doing, so expect a couple of replies here and there too

Anyway, that's pretty much the jist of it. I love the site, and hope to start contributing soon!


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Default Re: What else can I say? Hello!

well good luck and just so you know tau are a very bendable army so you can make alot of fluff very easy
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Originally Posted by Avor
I would like the bare legs a bit better if they weren't belonging to a old woman with Grey Hair.

Kinda wrong.
I agree with that, at least try to make her look hot and young!

Anyways, dont give toasty any ideas, he already loves his Sisters too much....
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