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Hi there
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hi there

Hi there everyone,

My name is Foot Slogger and I'm an Aussie.

I started playing 40K in 1992 (scary!), but eventually got fed up with GW's focus of their profits rather than the hobby and haven't played a game of anything for about 5-6 years. I used to collect everything GW - Warhammer, 40K, Epic, BloodBowl, that damn warhammer ship game which disappeared just after i finished painting my dwarf fleet, and all of the other spinoffs.

I have just started to rekindle my interest in the hobby and was drawn to the new Imperial Guard models and doctrines. I am looking forward to reading up on the new rules, and like the changes they made from the very character centric 2nd Ed.

See you in the forums.


Foot Slogger

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Default Re: Hi there

Welcome and I hope that we have changed enough for ya.
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