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newbie to Tau
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Old 29 Aug 2006, 10:39   #1 (permalink)
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Default newbie to Tau

Well, Ive wanted a new 40k army for a while. the marines were well. marines. and deamonunters I tried them but...... pretty marines really.

eldar is going to be new, necrons are boring to look at, guard - well i dont like pongo ( uk nickname for the army - cause they dont wash too often ) , nids - next time maybe.

so I stumped up 200+ on Tau. ( Bonus and Birthday lol ) having read the codex. ( 1 old battleforce, 1 new battleforce, 3 broadside, 1 devil+ FW, 1 Hammerhead, 2 pathfinder blisters. )

then they announced the megaforce. ( and as I planned for some pirhanna at xmas ) I returned the tank and pathfinders and a bunch of very old bretonnians and ordered the megaforce. and a hammerhead conversion sprue

finally, in a fit of ebay madness - I bought an army unpainted. ( so the old battle force and 2 broadsides will be returned )

at the end of all this shenanagins, i should have a shed load of tau:

1 crisis commander
1 farsight commander special
1 etherial
2 crisis bodyguard
3 crisis elite squad
4 broadside ( i know I can only field 3 )
1 sniper drone team
9 stealth ( i know 6... )
1 devilfish
3 hammerhead tanks
6 pirhanna ( i know 5..... )
10 vespids
about 60 FW
loads of drones ( so conversions to heavy gun drones as per heavy metal rules- twin link burst cannons )
and a dozen kroot.

i will be adding another dozen kroot, couple of krootox and a shaper and maybe disposing of a broadside, hamerhead, piranna

but I think I covered all the angles. now the rest of my life will be gluing and painting.

now having bought/acquired a mountain of the shining path lads, what should I expect in combat ?? - they arent built for going toe to toe, and clearly fire n manouver is their thing?

also colour schemes. codex brown is all very well, but .....
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Old 29 Aug 2006, 23:42   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: newbie to Tau

First off, welcome to the game, and secondly, you got a lot of models there man. I've been playing for 3 years and don't have that kind of collection.
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Old 30 Aug 2006, 03:05   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: newbie to Tau

Dang man thats a pretty impressive force thats pretty much what I have but I got som forge world models though! ;D If you got any questions let me know. Oh and I have around a 4000 point force. Thats some serious ownage, with more to come! You got any pics of your army too? I don't care if they painted or not.
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Old 02 Sep 2006, 22:30   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: newbie to Tau

That is one big army....ive just started tau...i only have...

1 squad FW
3 battlesuits
8 gun drones
4 pathfinders (one is a Shas'ui)
16 kroot


Thats it....i need some transport for them....and heavy support! :-\
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Old 03 Sep 2006, 01:12   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: newbie to Tau

I have a Tau army, and while the Tau aren't made up for toe to toe fighting, just use your kroot for that, the kroot are there so they do the hand to hand combat while the Tau just sit back and give them covering fire.

oh and i dunno if you have this (short memory span ) but do you have a skyray gunship?

if you don't, you should get one, they can help out a bunch when used with Pathfinders with markerlights and it will make your opponent start to sweat. although you can just simply instead of having 6 seeker missiles on one vehicle, split it up an put two on 3 vehicles, same thing, but you usually want those other vehicles for other things...

well, best of luck and have a [glow=red,2,300]GREAT[/glow] time painting that massive amount of models

peace. 8)

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Old 09 Sep 2006, 08:21   #6 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: newbie to Tau

Hello All

Indeed, I now have a skyray, two hammerheads ( with a third going on sale )

1 shadowsun ? + drones
1 Etheral

6 Crisis - thanks to magnets ANY weapons combo available
12 Stealth - xv15 and xv25 mixed and matched

10 vespids
5 piranna - a 6th going onsale.
8 pathfinders + devilfish ( 2 rails )

40-50 FW
32 Kroot ( need a shaper, krotox and hounds maybe )

2 hammerhead - magnetised weapons options, and forgeworld shopping
1 skyray ( i might add a second. - apparently the box has both the skyray and hammerhead peices )
6 heavy gun drones ( forgeworld, I love you )
1 SNiper Team
3 Broadside

and about a year of painting and gluing

for pics, look for box set : battleforce, megaforce, devil+8FW

need a scheme, need an army box, need a life.

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