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Old 22 Dec 2004, 21:29   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Howdy

I'm Leonardo AKA Lo I have been playing 40k for less than 6 months I started off with a Chaos army and about 1 month ago I purchased about a 1700 point Tau army ( raw figure cost). I have been looking online for some different perspectives on how to play them. To date I have played them about 8 times and have won all but 2. Both those losses were to fast armies, the Harlequins tend to be my bane. I play with a small group so I'm always up against Orcs, Eldar(banshees, scorps and the evil harlequins), Necrons, Grey KAAniggits and Chaos of all sorts. We tend to play 2 on 2 so dont think those wins were me all by my lonesome. I admit to playing like a noob since I barely use FW's. I tend to use my BS's an awefull lot. The same goes with my CS's. Till I stumbled upon this site I tended to use my FW's only to harrass and didnt see them as anything other than meat for the grinder. We tend to play pretty high point games 2500 to 5000 a side so I get to field most of my army( 45 FW's, 16 kroot, 1 HH, 6 BS's, 4 CS's, 9 SS's, 12 PF with and without rail rifles, 1 DF,1 ethereal and a buttload of drones and a case not bad for $180). I also subscibed to the place them well and let them walk into my wall O fire. In short I guess I have been doing it all wrong. But I'm willing to learn!!
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Default Re: Howdy

EDIT by FT: did you, looks like my welcome before yours . Welcome... btw, see my other post

someones keen* :

very long introductory post you got there...
anyway excuse myself and welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay at Tau Online....
but please make sure you read and abide by the rules... (got there before you FT ; na na nana na; ahem excuse me again)

Well enjoy yourself (if i havent scared you off yet!)

Originally Posted by RJay
"Nice guys finish last"
Originally Posted by Tau-killer
Originally Posted by Sir Winston Churchill on 23rd August 1940
Never in the field of human satire were so many made to feel so humble by so much acid wit
GOT IT! Thatís the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Howdy

Was that a little to long winded?...I thought so to and yes I have read the rules. I'll try to color in the lines.
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Default Re: Howdy

Possibly consider using paragraphs, makes things a whole lot easier.
Wlecome to the forum, I'm not much help with the Tau, but try playing some smaller games. 1000 points a side is playable in about 3 hours, whilst 2500-5000 needs multiple players and takes ages.
Learn how good things are in samll armies, then slowly add more toys till you find what you're good at.

Also consider some more Kroot, they are often understimated.

Anyway, Welcome aboard. If you ever ned help with or against a necron army, look for me in the Necron Board.

Do it for KJ

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Default Re: Howdy

R,jay your one of a kind.

And im glad.......?

But anyway welcome to the forums Lo and as has been stated Enjoy yourself here.
Plus To has its own breed of Members, Meaning we all get along.


Vote for Tau Online[br]Before me grasp does drain thy life, I pray thee, Beg of thy God for their forgivness, for only then will me grasp upon you siece. [br]
Can you see this this!!!!! WORD

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Default Re: Howdy

Welcome to da forumz person!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 23 Dec 2004, 09:20   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Howdy

Blood Sugar baby......more bloo boyz? I need to vary my diet...someone send out for Eldar. Enjoy yerself, have a good time, and when you realise that Orks are the one true path, please contact me.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Old 23 Dec 2004, 13:09   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Howdy

Welcome to the forums, I'm your local resident Khorne fanatic and dress wearing pointy eared Farseer. Btw, heres next weeks lottery numbers: [censored by admin - edit i'll need them ].

Anyway, I'm one of the staff here, I collect Khorne, Nurgle, Guard and Eldar... need any info, come to me. Also come to me if you want RJay banning...
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