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Kroot Shaper
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Default hi

well hi, im me yeah lol bob , or gibbson dont call me that if u can, yer, if dis is what i think i collect chaos space marines called: the dead knights shadows, and my commander is called aspiras, anyway, im like 16, a laid back sorta guy and so on, anyways wanna talk to me add me on msn or sumthin

kthnxbye :rockon:
Bring fire and bring shell and heap all upon the
pyre. With flame and gun I shall make an end
to the withered husk of human life, And in the
blazing furnace shall I be praised!!
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General Stupidity
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Default Re: hi

Errr..... Hello?

You might want to mop up on your grammar, no offense but nobody can understand what you're trying to explain, 'and if u keepz talkn lyk ur talkn 2 sme1 on MSN ppl myt get angry at u.' You see what I mean?

Anywho welcome to Tau-online and remember to obey the Forum Rules, and generally have a good time.

See you around.
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Default Re: hi

If you are "like 16" does that mean that you act 16 but are actually around 32 or something?
Hive Fleet Evisser Commands

The all consuming Y he are beyond the teachings of the Tau va And we Y he are proud of it

Lictor, Lictor, in a tree,
Stupid humans can't see me,
Reach out quick and cut one down,
See the rest all run around.
Quickly kill the last in line,
Hear the rest all squeal like swine.
Cut and slash and hack and slice,
Welcome to my paradise.
Lictor, Lictor in a tree,
No one's left to search for me.
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