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Kroot Warrior
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Default hi

hello im... well my names to long so call me d3ath ive been here a while but uh Hi... I guess.

Death to government potatoes

what we raise up is far more important than what we strike down -Horus Maybe this shouldn't be and imperial thought for the day... this coming from the guy corrupted by Chaos...

P.S. I used to be h8nids
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Default Re: hi

Hive Fleet Evisser Commands

The all consuming Y he are beyond the teachings of the Tau va And we Y he are proud of it

Lictor, Lictor, in a tree,
Stupid humans can't see me,
Reach out quick and cut one down,
See the rest all run around.
Quickly kill the last in line,
Hear the rest all squeal like swine.
Cut and slash and hack and slice,
Welcome to my paradise.
Lictor, Lictor in a tree,
No one's left to search for me.
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