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Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...
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Old 05 Aug 2006, 21:25   #1 (permalink)
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Default Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...

Hey, I am known as Aun'Gai Jie, leader of the Tau Rebellion.

My rebel faction is against the caste system, and because of this we are often attacked by the Tau Empire as if we were against the greater good. We do not believe the greater good is bad, no, we fight for it as noblely as any fire warrior would, we just have different ideals. For one, we believe that a fire caste member should be allowed to become a democrat if that is what he wishes, for example, or a water caste to become a pilot. We also believe that love shows no ties to the caste system, and therefore encorage it, even if it involves inter-caste breeding.

I know my orginisation may seem controversial and heriticical to you, but our eventual aim is to return to the Empire which once banished us to show them the truth. Until then, we will fight on, protecting ourselves from our brothers.

If you are interested in further reading about the Tau Rebellion, please visit our site.
(yes it is a piczo, i am trying to create a proper site, but it is taking ALOT of time lloll)


Aun'Gai Jie
(Leader of the Tau Rebellion)
TR) Aun'Gai Jie - Leader Of The Tau Rebellion
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Default Re: Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...

[size=5pt]i fear the taint has gotten to this one. :shifty: he must be watched[/size]

welcome! im guessing you also play tabletop tau as well? your sites not that bad!
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Default Re: Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...

[size=6pt][sub]I think you are right![/sub][/size] :shifty:

Welcome!. I just checked out your site.. not bad. Welcome once again.
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Default Re: Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...

Nifty site, cool idea.

Of course, philosophically, you're the enemy. Greater Good means accepting the dictates of your superiors, and rebellion, sadly, is only going to weaken Tau'va.

But it is a nifty idea...
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Default Re: Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...

I like the idea, but...

Doesn't go with the Fluff, and to me the Fluff makes the army. Specifically, the Earthreals have a "mystical" way of having the Tau follow orders. Unless you pull a Farsight and get contaminated with Necron or something, I really really doubt fire warriors would ever disobey a Earthreal.

I'd say that each Tau should do what they are good at, not what they want to. Say Billy Tau wants to be a pilot, but hes a really good Craftsman, born into water caste. He should be a craftsman, not pilot or diplomat! Anyway the whole point of the greater good is sacrificing personal preference for sake of others.

Again thing with Earthreals.

I still like the idea though, even though it goes against the fluff.
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Default Re: Introducing...The Tau Rebellion...

I'm not opposed to breakaway, Enclave factions... however, I find the idea of overturning the caste system laughable.

Effectively, you're attempting to fight five thousand years of role-specific breeding and evolution. It doesn't work. The Shas are born to be aggressive and combat-ready. The Kor are too fragile to be anything but pilots, the role for which they are suited perfectly.

Still though, welcome to the Forums - read the rules & stickies, and enjoy.
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