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Kroot Warrior
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Default Excellent Forum

Good morning. I'm very glad to have finally made the time to visit Tau on line. The content is excellent, and the style is very... Tau.

I've played Tau since the race first appeared. I have 17,000 points--sigh--I guess I'm an addict. I also play historicals--Bronze Age Greeks and Scythians--as well as a number of other miniatures based games.

I'm a writer by trade--I've written and published nine novels, some as Christian Cameron and some as Gordon Kent. Despite which, I cannot spell for a damn.

I liked the Tau related fiction I read this morning and look forward to posting a couple of my own.

And finally, I'm one of the founders of Agrippa Sector, which is a giant 40K campaign based in Toronto but with players throughout North America.

Introductions always sound so braggy. Apologies.

Chris Cameron AKA Tessen

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Default Re: Excellent Forum

Welcome Sounds like you're very experience, glad to hear you like this place. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.
Tau Online
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Default Re: Excellent Forum

Wow. Quite the resume you've got there. Welcome to the forums.

Hope to read some of your Tau fiction in the fluff boards soon.
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Default Re: Excellent Forum

You've written novels..and got them published? That's great

I myself hope to do the same one day, so i'll be sure to look for any tips you drop.

And of course I must welcome you to the forums.

"In the name of the glorious master of mankind I welcome you to the forums"

*Adjudicant walks up

(whisper) "Sir, you do realise this is TAU online."
"Is it? er well then, in the name of the Tau'va, welcome"
(whisper) "Xenos filth."
If you're new here and you have a problem, don't be afraid to PM me and ask about it. I'll try to help you in any way I can
Originally Posted by Kaffl
That's what the new Space Marine codex relates to. Grilled puppies.

Thanks to JD for the awesome siggy
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