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Hi I am Shas'el Kar’Vor Or’es M’yen Kauyon or M'yen for short. I have decided to restart my old Tau army with the new Codex coming soon i should be able to correct my losing streak, I also play CSM. I will post here to be helped and to help others in what little ways I can.

"For the Greater Good and Kar'Vor!"
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Welcome to Tau Online!
I laugh at the fools who thought Tau Online Chat Op is hard work! :shifty:
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hey whatsup =) welcome to the forums! good to see a new friendly tau player

heh, whats odd is that i play tau and my friend plays chaos space marines!

lol just thought that was a bit cool
Originally Posted by The Zeppelin Guy (formerly Tim)
and there was Sniper Ranger, a random old lady who got lost and wondered into the room by mistake and who was now passing the time by swearing at everyone.
From the adventures of Tiny tim and Wargamer, a epic story.
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Armies I'd like to start next:
Imperial Guard
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hey welcome to tau online good luck with the new army. i should know, I just started tau ;D [glow=red,2,300]FOR THE GREATER GOOD[/glow]
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