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Greetings fellow Warhammer fan
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Greetings fellow Warhammer fan

Hello dear warhammer players, i am Tony, aka Black Fire or Phoenix,
i have collected warhammer for over a year now. I have a eldar, tyranid, and black templar army. What fasinates me the most is the story line of warhammer. And i personally seek to solve questions relating to warhammer, like the missing space marine legions and primarchs. Lately i have discovered sometihng really appealing, if u flip to the chart on the space marine codex, with the names of legion n primarchs, u can see the file is being read by Cypher. I don't noe if anyone noes him, but he is the leader of the Fallen, a sub group of the dark angels. They are evil in nature, and if u look closesly, Cypher is goin in search of the Dark Angel myth.
I also know clues of the missing primarchs, one of the missing primarchs i can name, his name is Eidolin, or sometihng liek that, he joined Horus in horus heresy. The is a deamon world named after him, and throughout the story of the Horus Heresy, his name is mentioned but doesnt say who he is....
Marshal Phoenix
We are the Childrens of Dorn!
The Mighty Black Templars!
Let no heretic, alien, or witch stand in your way!
We shall cleanse the galaxy of their kind!
Uphold the Emperor!
For Dorn!
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Default Re: Greetings fellow Warhammer fan

Cypher is very cool

Welcome to Tau Online! Be sure to read the forum rules, and take note of the part about using proper grammar and spelling (try not to use 'chat speak' etc).
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