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Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic
Closed Thread
Old 07 Sep 2005, 00:52   #11 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Uh, guess I should post here huh?

I'm Spiritbw. If you ever want a page and a half about how someone get's a name like that, send me a private message. My real name is Aaron, I am 31 years old which probably makes me one of the older members of the staff. I mod the General board and the Space Marine board.

Been collecting 40K since about 1998 and actually playing off and on since 2000. I have about 2,500 points of marines, 1,500 points of Guard (and growing) as well as Tau and Eldar i picked up at a Garage sale. I also have in the range of 3,000 points of Empire for Warhammer Fantasy. Didn't mean to start an army of Empire for fantasy but I won one of the boxed armies in a draw at the local GW store.

Currently between jobs but looking to get something in the computer tech feild or possibly go back for more courses at the local tech school. My free time get's split between computer games, modding, working on trying to improve or at least get marginally painted most of the models I currently have and the occasional LARP.
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Old 13 Dec 2005, 02:38   #12 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

My name is Matt and I am one of the global moderators here as of June 2007. Prior to that I was one of the Tau board moderators.

I am currently working on a doctorate in Geophysics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I have been playing 40k since 2nd edition. I started off with Eldar, switched to Space Marines, and then quit for a while. I picked it up again with Black Templar when the Armageddon Campaign kicked off. I started Tau a year or two after that. I recently started playing Fantasy, first with Bretonnians and then with Wood Elves. I also play Mordheim from time to time, although I haven't settled down to any specific roster. At the moment I have sort of gotten away from Tau. I finished a 3,000-point Dark Angels army composed of a balance of Ravenwing and Deathwing units. Now I am working on ~4,000 points of fast Orks.

Graduate school has destroyed most of my free time, but my hobbies apart from GW include martial arts and learning Japanese.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the site, or just life in general. I am always glad to help.

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Old 18 Dec 2005, 09:44   #13 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic


I'm Yriel, and yes, I selected the name prior to the character getting his own rules! I currently moderate the Eldar and Dark Eldar forums.

I've been playing 40k for 15+ years now. So that means I've played all editions of the game, and despite having played nearly every army there is- my first and favorite army has always been the Eldar. Currently I own three different craftworlds- Biel Tan, Saim Hann, and of course my favorite- Iyanden!

In addition to the huge Eldar army I own, I also have the following armies:

Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines
Mentor Legion Space Marines
Ork Speed Freeks
Vanilla Orks
Feral Orks
Dark Eldar

In real life, I manage a chemistry lab for one of the largest paint companies in North America, in beautiful Orange County California. I'm also an avid hoops/football fan, and enjoy my share of ale and dance.

If you're in need of assistance, feel free to ask! And stop by the Eldar forums!!

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Old 19 Dec 2005, 00:20   #14 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

hi all, i'm bloodied fangs, i moderate the painting and showcase boards. read the rules for all my boards vefore you post, and i'm sure we'll get along fine. of course, i have a feeling that everyone who hasn't read my rules and has had a run-in with me because of it thinks of me as a fairly harsh man.

i've been playing GW games for over 8 years now, and playing 40k for about 7, since near the end of 2nd ed. always space wolves. reflects a certian side of my personality, probably

the armies i play are space wolves and 13th company, though i've been tempted of late to start a witch hunters army...

in real life, i study media and multimedia, and work in retail (nothing like working with customers to jade your entire opinion of the human race). beyond that, i spend copious amounts of time in various pubs, sometimes knocking back copious amounts of lager (much better than ale), but mostly just playing pool

anyways, if any of you have any painting queries, space wolf queries, marine queries, have a bizarre desire to see any of my painted minis, or merely want an affirmation of the fact that black templars are inferior in combat to space wolves, then feel free to PM me...

"Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on" Billy Connolly

"Well, a gathering is brie, mellow song stylings; shindig, dip, less mellow song stylings, perhaps a large amount of malt beverage; and hootenanny, well, it's chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny." Oz (Buffy, episode 2, season 3)

"I don't like coke, i just like the way it smells" Unknown

"and in the words of our lord and saviour, jesus christ, **** you if you can't take a joke" The Glass House
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Alice is no longer a mod.

Hey everybody, my real name is Bo Tucker, and ironically enough I'm pretty good with a Bo Staff :laughs: Mwha... It actually came about when my friend was messing around with his Bo staff and hit me with it and I proceded to beat on him with what appeared to be a natural knack for it, so I went and got professional training.

I actually joined here a long time ago. I've technically been a member for well over a year. I think I registered in 2004ish, and when I stumbled on the site again and tried to register with my e-mail, I already had my name on here! Craziness... I've been an active member again for about 6 months or so, and I hope to keep up the level of work I've done this far for a long time into the future.

From there I'm into a lot of different things, such as martial arts (mainly judo and Ju Jit Zu), competitive shooting (I own about seven guns which is apparently a lot. The most common competition I enter into is tri-gun which is Pistol, Shotgun, and Long Rifle. They tried to recruit me into the military after a competition, until they realize I was only 15 at the time :P) and bicycling (although, I'm trying to get more into triathlons).

As for warhammer, as of right now I only play Dark Eldar and Tyranids, which I help to mod. I'm the author of a pretty big (and I believe pretty good) Dark Eldar tactica, which I hope to get posted on the main site soon, and to be co-author of a Tyranid Tactica along with Mage. Oh, and if anybody plays with Dark Eldar Hellions a lot, I need your help on my Tactica, as I don't use them.

Overall, I'm a pretty relaxed person unless you get onto my bad side. If you do... Well, it's easiest just not to in the first place.

Hope you all enjoy TauOnline as much as I do and if you ever need help with Tyranids or Dark Eldar, I'm here to help.
Originally Posted by King Winter
Oh, ha ha. Masturbation. :
Originally Posted by HiveMined
...Huh? What the crap?
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Old 13 Mar 2006, 02:44   #16 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Well hello everybody.* My name is Ryan, and I play Necrons/Witch Hunters.* I moderate the Necron and Inquisition forums.* I have played Warhammer 40k since I graduated in 2003, so it is coming close to 4 years now.* My college major is Network Tech, and hopefully I will finish that in 2 years.*

Any ideas how to better the boards are welcome
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Old 18 Apr 2006, 12:01   #17 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Hey guys... you should already know me.

I'm JD[size=8pt] (No it's not for JD fortune or Jack Daniels etc. etc. it's my initials... lol)[/size]

I'm 18, live in Orange NSW Australia
I joined in November 2004 i think... member # 334 :P. i came across the forum while looking for house rules for Catachans, how this came up i have no idea, but i liked what i saw and stayed. Back then Veq was our karma nut, not Mal :

Umm... I am a Metal Head, and frigging proud of it! Single once again (aint relationships a bitch?)
I have recently Started doing Ninjitsu... Great Martial art and nothing like what most people believe it to be.

I moderate the IG board along side AC.

I am heading off to Uni this Year in Bathurst to do Computer Science.

Well isn't that just ugly? Hair is longer now (not much longer) and it's also purple.

My armies
~ Catachans : 2000 Points
~ Fallen Angels : 2000 Points
~ Alpha Legion : 2000 Points
~ Khorne: 3000 Points
~ Radical Daemon hunters : 600 Points
~ Necrons : 1000 Points

I also own an Escher Gang, and have 3 mordheim warbands.

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Old 03 May 2006, 12:33   #18 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

I am Crazedmongoose2003, newest of the staff, chosen to moderate the 40k Universe boards.

And I thought I'd try something highly experimental to address how to get the fullest of your experience at Tau Online. Thus I present....

Tau Online the Musical!

So...music and backup dancers please? one of the most important advice newbies need to hear of course is

(Tune of you can't hurry love)


I need Tau-on-
-line to ease my mind (oo-ooh)
I need to find some-
-topic, to call mine
cos the mods all say

(synchronised singing)
you can't skip the rules
no you'll just have to wait
gettin karma ain't easy now
its a game of give or take

so don't skip the rules
(ooh) no you'll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes

*snaps fingers* (tune changes to wake me up before you go go)

But of course rules can't cover everything, sometimes you'll just need a good dose of commonsense right?

smarten up before you post-post
Don't leave your mod cleanin up like a hobo
smarten up before you post-post
Don't want a thread necromancy related smite
smarten up before you post-post
Don't end up with a negative karma ratio
smarten up before you post-post
Don't go spamming tonight
Don't make us say goodbye

So this all sounds a little daunting right now, well, there is help coming on the way...

*music changes to Mambo 5*

A little bit of common sense in your life
A little bit of courtesy by your side
A little bit of manners is all you need
A little bit of karma is what you'll see
A little bit of Wargamer in the sun
A little bit of Malveux all night long ??? ??? ???
A little bit of Tyross there he is
A little bit of Mace a doodly dee....

and so on and so forth...

PS. Mods feel free to smite me for causing all round retardation within the forums and an average drop of IQ somewhere around 30% give or take a few decimal points...
Holding a Tau Online Vassal League, click here for more info:

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Old 24 Jun 2006, 05:49   #19 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Hello all, Im Vash113 the co mod of the Tau, Space Marines and Inquisition boards. Im 19 I've been playing 40k for 5 or so years now. I play Tau of course, Space Marines and I dable in my brothers Eldar from time to time. But of course as I play against Space Marines way too often as Im sure many of you do aswell. Currently my armies stand at:

Tau Or'es Shi Cadre- 2500pts
Ultramarines 5th Company- 5500pts
Grey Knights- 1700
Blood Ravens- 2600pts
Raven Guard- 1900pts
Imperial Fists- 1750pts
Space Wolves- 2850pts

In real life Im just someone who really likes the story behind things whether they be Warhammer, Warcraft, Morrowind, etc. Its that kind of thing that got me into 40k. I just graduated High School, I do a lot of writing and reading in my spare time. There are books littered all aorund my room a number of them 40K. Ive even read through all of Tolkien's work... all of it. I like to write battle reports, stories, articles and all sorts of things on the Tau and a few other 40k subjects all of which can be found here: http://www.squaliix.tripod.com/

I got into 40K by buying some Tau models off of someone I knew from school back around the end of 3rd edition. Ended up putting them down for a while and almost got out of the hobby but came back and my armies grown immensly since. Joined the forum back in december of 2004 and was on Kovash Tauva before that as Shas'O Younge Blood as some of you may know.

Some pics of me... woot... I think:

and... thats all I can think to say at nearly 1:40 AM... yea I stay up that late often. So anyway here I am, glad to be here and cya around the boards.

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Old 13 Jan 2007, 07:11   #20 (permalink)
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Greetings All,

The name's Abraham, the Handle is Ged of Paragon. As of this post I'm enjoying my 31st year of life. I live in the wild suburbia north-west of Baltimore MD, USA. I'm married to a wonderful woman (and my best friend of 7 years) Elissa, whom I affectionately refer to as "My Lady". Shes a Smart, Sexy, 5'2" brunette; and a die-hard Gamer who's a great tactician in tabletop gaming and regularly kicks my sorry tail in 1st person shooters. If I include her input in my posts she will usually be Identified as "Teefa" or as "Sasha Warlord"
I'm an Ex-US ARMY combat veteran, and have had the opportunity to see not only much of my own country, but numerous others as well. Since leaving the military I've been working towards a business degree, and have been working in telecommunications. I currently work as both a Salesman and a Tech for Cingular Wireless.
As far as Games Workshop goes, I play 40k and occasionally dabble in Battlefleet Gothic. I started playing 40k near the start of 2nd ed. as a Dark Angels Space Marine player who's greatest aspiration as to pack as many Plasma Cannons into my army as humanly possible. After getting tired of playing Marine vs. Marine in 19/20 battles I switched to the Eldar because I liked the Striking Scorpion models/fluff, and the idea of Grav-Tank Mechanized infantry. I fell in love with the randomness of the D-Cannon, and the (then) complex and capricious nature of Eldar Weaponry in General: Craftworld Paragon was born! My Lady and I have recently completed our Slanneshi LatD army (Thanks to Malv, and all of the fine members of the Chaos board for their assistance in that endeavour, we couldn't have done it without you!) We have just started a Witch Hunters army, and will be dedicating ourselves to converting about 80% of the pieces. The strength of our current forces is approximately: 5000+ points of Craftworld Paragon Eldar; 4500+ points of House Bellemuerte (Slanneshi Chaos Space Marines); 3000+ points of Witch Hunters, and soon to be 3000 points of Imperial Guard.
I enjoy teaching the game to new folks as much as I do tournament play, and I switch my play-style to fit that of my opponent. I'm just as comfortable with wanton power-gamers as I am with the fluff-centric. I have a good working relationship with the staff of my local GW, and will regularly join forces with them to plan events and mini-tourneys.
My current projects include Dark Heresy campaign, as well as several 40k related projects; working with several local Gaming Clubs; continuing my education 3 - 6 slooow credits at a time, and working 50 to 60 hours/week. I was pleased to add the co-moderation of the Eldar forums alongside Yriel of Iyanden to the list, before being reassigned to my current post as co-mod of the Inquisition and Chaos Boards.

I'd like to think that I'm approachable, and will do what I can to support and improve the community,

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
Kytonus' Retinue

[glow=purple,2,300]Speaker for the Keeper of Secrets - The Cult of Slannesh[/glow]

-Craftworld Paragon's Rune Sign
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