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Default Hello

Hello everyone,

I'm an old guard from 2nd ed. that's been lurking arround for ages, and finally decided to register.

I dropped 40k at the onset of 3rd. edition because I felt the game became "close combat"hammer; that being said, I'm pretty sure if I were back in the states I'd be pushing a Tau cadre right now (although the game is still too close combat oriented).

Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the next Tau codex.
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Default Re: Hello

Hey, and welcome to Tau Online!

Not being close combat orientated is one of the reasons I like Tau.. Hope you find something you like in the current Tau, or even the Tau: Empires codex, we're all eagerly awaiting it
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Default Re: Hello

"By the path, they'r assaulting"

I hate CC, that's why I play Tau and serve the Tau'va... however, out of curiosity, I'm starting a Tyranid army just to see why everybody loves CC.

Anyway, welcome to the forum
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