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Hail All from Dr. Tactics
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Default Hail All from Dr. Tactics

Hail all,

I am Dr. Tactics (PHD in Tactics and Strategy from the awesomeness military academy, graduated with honors in class of 1337). I will openly admit that i am noob to 40k, only a week, but in that time ive done my share of research. I can tell i will like this hobby because of its vast diversity, creative backround, customization, friendly community of players, and relatively cheap price - comparatively (to a previous magic the gathering addiction and a previous video game addiction). Ive surfed these forums abit before registering and they seem to be full of people with positive attitudes and devoid of flamers (something rare for online forums these days). So i say hello to all, and i hope ill have a good time chatting with you all very soon!

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Default Re: Hail All from Dr. Tactics

Whats up doc?
Sorry had to be done. Welcome to the forum, happy posting, and don't Take a stikkbomb from Kangaroo Joe or any other Orks guys.

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Default Re: Hail All from Dr. Tactics


I loooove flamers: --- burn b****, burn... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ---

anyway, welcome to the forum and the 40K universe. U will c, once u'r hooked, it's hard to let go... just as bad as drugs in fact I personally believe they put smthing in the plastic, which we then inhale when we file our models, consequently, we get addicted.


ignore my insane blabing... it doesn't usually happen... atleast I hope not
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