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old but new...
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Default old but new...

Well I havnt played any 40k in about 2 years now had an army ( I thought ) for 2 years...so i am a bit rusty...i found a 1000k tau army in some packing boxes so dusted it off and here I am!! Ive played tau before..did half way decent but was still stuck with IG and marines...but now tired of all the icons of death and skulls everywhere. I decided to either play tau or eldar...well i have a tau army so i am sticking with it! ive been playing 40k since i was about 12 , I am now 23, so I have been playing and painting for a while. I am not the best general in action, but a great one when it comes to making up a battle plan. I have focused more on painting than winning every game, so I would like to think my painting skills are pretty good. ( ill have pics up when I get back from San Diego )

My current tau force was being painted muted colors, but like the IG i dont like painting muted colors...ie dark colors...I enjoy bright colors...like SM and Eldar...so I have decided to go with some samurai styled armour...not camo but more colorfull...The paint scheme is going to be black cloth with bright red armour with gold and or white trim ( where appropriate ) as well as making all the guns a high gloss black, the figure will be varnished with a flat varnish while the guns will be re done in a high gloss...give it the same look as the sword sheaths that the samurai carried. Hopefully once I get a unit painted I can have pics up for your guys to give me the thumbs up or thumbs down on...but i am sure ill have a pic up of the first round of "mute" fire warriors than followed by the "samurai" figures.


Cheers! and happy I found the site!! ;D
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