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Posting and you
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Old 06 Oct 2004, 22:52   #1 (permalink)
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Default Posting and you

First off, welcome to the Forums.

Now if you're new to message boards, or even if you have been around for a while, you may find the following useful. Consider it, if you will, a guide on how to post.

1) Get an idea.
If you're going to post something, you first need to know what to post!

Assuming you're not simply replying to an existing topic, you should consider what exactly the topic you wish to make is about. The more detail you can give in a post, the better. For example: "Is a Hammerhead better at Tank-Hunting than a Broadside" is much better than "how good is a Hammerhead?"

2) Where should I post my idea?
Normally it is pretty simple. If it's Tau, it goes in the Tau forum. If it's Guard, it goes in the Guard forum.

If unsure, then post in General 40K, and alert a Moderator or GMod (preferably an active one) that you are unsure where the topic goes. If you have posted in error, we will happily relocate the topic for you.

If the topic is not 40K based, then try Off Topic.

3) Has my idea been done before?
Now that you've got a forum to post in, check the first two or three pages to see if someone has already posted your idea. Be lenient in your search. For example, "Is the Hammerhead worth taking?" is pretty much the same as "How good is the Hammerhead?".

And remember...

[glow=red,2,300]It is ALWAYS better to post in an existing topic than to start a new one![/glow]

If someone has already made your topic, then please do not post your own.

On a related note, try not to "parrot". If your opinions have been stated (often repeatedly) by someone else, there is no need to reply.

4) Do I need a Poll?
Normally, the answer is no. Polls are not for yes/no questions. If you have any doubt (no matter how slight), do not make a poll. A standard post will suffice.

5) Speak English!
This is an English-speaking forum. There is a chance that English is not your first language, so some leeway can be given, but for everyone else, there is no excuse for bad grammar.

The Forums has a Spell Check button (next to the "Post" and "Preview" buttons) for those whose spelling is not quite "up to code". One or two mistakes are okay (the occasional "thier" or "teh" is okay, so long as it doesn't occur too much).

The following forms of communication, if you can call them that, are not accepted on the forum:

Text Talk: This is a Message Board, not MSN. People's post, comments and replies will not vanish, and you need not rush to reply within 20 seconds of the initial post. Slow down, take your time, and spell the words out!
Note that certain abbreviations, such as lol, IMHO and so forth, are acceptable.
L33t: L33t is most definately not wanted on the forums. Nodoby will be impressed by you typing "I 0wnz j00 allz w1v h4x0r sk11lz!". Typing in L33t will result in you losing favour very quickly.
Non-English languages: If it isn't English, we can't read it!

6) Hit the Post button!
So you've got a topic, put it in the right forum, made sure it hasn't been done already, typed it out, spell-checked it, and have pressed "Post". Now what?

Well firstly, don't expect an instant responce. You can check the "Who's Online" bar at the bottom of the main page to see who is currently active. Different posters have different preferences, and so spend more time in some forums than others. TO, the GMods and Mods may have other things to attend to, and so may not reply instantly. Sometimes you will only get one or two replies, and sometimes none at all!

Don't worry about this. Not every topic you make will be a smash hit. Most topics never see 20 posts Ultimately, it is not the amount of replies that matters. What does count is the content.

7) Karma:
What is Karma? Well, it is our way of keeping track of how you post. If you post well, you gain positive (+) Karma. If you post badly (eg: Spam), you get negative (-) Karma. If you get too much negative Karma, the staff will take action against you, so watch out!

So remember, post well, and have a good time on the Forums.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Old 06 Oct 2004, 23:07   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Posting and you [READ THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!]

Might take action? We will. Please read the forum rules here.

And the Staff are TO, Arguleon-veq, Mace, Farseer Tyross (me), Wargamer and Del. If you have any problems at all, please send the staff a Personal Message to the staff or the mod of the board that it was on if there is one.

Note the names of the staff above are links and if clicked will allow you to send that Staffmember a PM.
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Default Re: Posting and you

8. How do you post something?
Regarding posting, there are several formatting options available to you, such as fonts, colours, font-weight etc.
Its mostly covered int this thread, along with images, and image links - for those who are wondering how people get image links in their sigs, theres how to do it. Also covered are tables etc.

If you have any requests on how to do something, related to forum bbcode as its called, feel free to PM me or Farseer Tyross.


Important Note: A lot of things are listed in the helpful forum documentation, accessable by the 'help' link in the menu at the top of the page. Its also a pretty good introduction to how SMF works, in a step by step guide more or less, as well as providing useful information such as SMF BBCode, Smileys and Searching (something that people don't seem to know about!).
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Default Re: Posting and you

And heres a recent addition, if you guys need a quite to our IRC channels, heres a guide:
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