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Default 'Ello!

Ello all! Been lurking for a few weeks now and I finaly decided to post. Hopefully I'll get more active once I get to play a game or 2! *Been watching games for over 5 years and just recently decided to get into the game, with the tau, of all races :3*. Quick question so I don't have to start another thread : I like to plan out ahead of time for games/other things I do so I planned this 1000 point army after reading both the rulebook and tau codex once over. Is it any good?

Commander - 75
- Shield generatior 20
- Gun drones x2 20
- Plasma rifle 16
-total 131

Stealth team(3) 90
-Shas'vre 10
-Marklight 10
-Bonded 10
-Total 120

Fire Warrior(12) 120
- Shas'ui 10
- Marklight 10
-Total 140

Kroot squad(14) - 98
-Kroot Shaper 21
-Pulse Rifle 5
-total 124

HammerHead - 90
- Railgun 50
- Smart missles 20
- Seeker misslex4 40
- Decoy Launchers 5
- Multi-tracker 10
- Total 220
HammerHead - 90
- Railgun 50
- Smart missles 20
- Decoy Launchers 5
- Multi-tracker 10
- Total 180

Devilfish -80
-Gundrones *free*
-Decoy launcher 5
-Total 85

Grand total 1000

If this should be split/moved somewhere else, sorry :-/! Oh and before I forget one more question if yall who read this don't mind : Does the submunition for the railgun cost any extra points? I couldn't find any refrence to it in the codex. *Though I could have just over looked it* Hello and thanks again for any response!

Hehe gonna have to do tell I make a new 40k related one!
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Default Re: 'Ello!


Dint look at the list (wasn't green enough)

Cept to say, get some more fire warriors. Them things is mucho shooty. Have a nice day mister squid.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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