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Hey, What's up?
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Default Hey, What's up?

Hey, i'm Nic and i just found this site and think it's awsome. I've played warhammer for a while and decided to start with 40k about two years ago. I'm currently working on a Tau army having about 2/3 left to do. My nickname is from my High Elf Prince. Real excited about this site and hope to meet you all.
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Default Re: Hey, What's up?

Hey man, I'm Phage. Wait...that was kinda obvious. :P Great to have you on board, I've never found a better 40k site than Tau Online. I've been around for...5 years now? I think. And never found a better site, or left the site. Which says something. And that is: We Rule. ;D Haha. Victory is Ours. Check out the meet the staff topic above for more on me, or PM me...or I'll see you around!

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