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Old guy - still a newcomer.
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Default Old guy - still a newcomer.

Hi everybody !

I'm 35 years old. My son (15) is collecting Space Marines and also Chaos for quite a while now. Well, I started collecting Tau just recently.
My army-list (I just have a german Tau-codex, so I don't know all the right english names ??? ):

HQ: Krisis KV-8, Plasma, Rocket, multi-tracker
Standard: 2 x 12 Fire Warrior, 1 x 16 Kroot
Elite: 6 x Ghost, KV-15

I also have one KV-88 (in english you call it "Broadside", in german it's called "Koloss") and some drones (8)...

Well I played two games (700 points) with my son, he used:
space marines- HQ (captain on bike)
2 x 5 Standard (2 las-cannons),
4 x Bikes + 1 Trike
2 x 5 Stormmarines (? dunno the english name, sorry) - the ones with jump bags.

However, within the first two turns he manages to come into close combat range (bikes move 24 inch, and have a 3+ save) and kill my FW (they fight like little girls) in both games. In the first game he killed all my troops quite fast - he came into close combat within the 2nd turn and killed everything :-[ ....
In the second game I insisted (I looked the codex and it proved me wrong) that after a massacre bikes are not allwed to move 3D6 right into the next close combat. Somehow I managed to kill his storm-troopers ... but still it was not fair, as I didn't obey all the rules.
Well, that's my GW - story so far. I hope my english is OK, as I'm no native speaker. Comments are wellcome, of course.

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Default Re: Old guy - still a newcomer.

I think your English is fine, don't worry about that
Anyways welcome to the forums
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Default Re: Old guy - still a newcomer.


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