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Ex-Nids player here
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Default Ex-Nids player here

Howdy people! I am a player of +3000pts nid army, well i used to be. Ran out of money, time and my models are all broken and crappy from over use.

Im thinking of starting again (new nids models made me change my pants) but yeah... broken crappy models.

I hope to find a solution to my problem with you experienced people, so please share your knowledge!

Bugs for the win! >
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Default Re: Ex-Nids player here

Hey man, I'm Phage, and I moderate the Tyranids forum here. *If you're looking for a place to swing by and chat about your army problems, just drop us a line there. *Or PM me, my inbox is always open. *Also, you might want to check out "Directives of The Hive Mind - Important topics" in there as well. *See ya round. *
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Default Re: Ex-Nids player here

Nids are pretty cool...Not so fussed on the new Carnifex's though. Those things are HARD

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