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Hey everyone, new Tau:)
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Default Hey everyone, new Tau:)

Ok, I'm Michael , I'm 17 and I'm playing wargames for about 7 years...and I have never played non CC army before...so finally I've decided to start shooty army, and- guess what- I decided to collect Tau ;D
I'm more hobbyst then player, I hope to finish some models soon...I'll soon post some photos of them on hobby forum My nickname is taken from my ethereal- and I called him that way becouse my Tau army color scheme is dark red and black, somehow it reminded me Harkonens from "Dune"
Finally, to mods and users...I'm from Poland so if you can- don't yell on me too much becouse of my baaaad grammar...I'm doing my best
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Default Re: Hey everyone, new Tau:)

Don't worry too much about the grammer, if we can read it. It should be ok.

Welcome to the boards, I hope you enjoy your time here.
Brunettes and Beer.
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Default Re: Hey everyone, new Tau:)

Hey I'm from Poland too! ;D
Just that, I wasn't actually born there but my parents were.....
Anyways enough about me
Welcome to the Forums!
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