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Shas'El Ke'lshan Kais
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Shas'El Ke'lshan Kais

I am Ke'lshan Kais (Call me Kelshan), and I am new to these forums. I hope my time here is as fun as it looks! I found this website recently when I was brought back into the world of WH40k and decided that the Tau was the army for me. I am still amazed that this website exists or that the forum is as busy as it is - but this is a great thing! I hope to learn from my time here and become a skilled commander.

See you in the forums!

Shas'El Ke'lshan Kais
~~For the Greater Good~~
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Default Re: Shas'El Ke'lshan Kais

Yeh, Tau aren't the most common of armies. But this site is thriving.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Brunettes and Beer.
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Default Re: Shas'El Ke'lshan Kais


Praise be to the Omnissiah.url=http://www.pickle-green.com/egraphics/main.php?id=eggs][/url]
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Default Re: Shas'El Ke'lshan Kais

Welcome... Just stay out of my chainaxe's way... He tends to hit people a little too hard who don't follow the rules (of both the forum and the general unwritten rule of not being near me when I'm flailing it around like a lunatic...)
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