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Heliodorus means "gift of the sun" in Greek (I hope)
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Default Heliodorus means "gift of the sun" in Greek (I hope)

Let's see, I played Tau for a year, mostly a mech heavy hybrid list, and then this Spring I gave up.
Had a bad experience.
I used to be active at Mech Tau Tactica till I got banned for my cognitive dissidence. It's a mark I bear with pride.
No fan of the founders over there, though, I can assure you.
So now I'm getting ready to get back into Tau - I even bought some Forgeworld stuff. I'm painting up new stuff and conversions in advance of the new Codex release in the spring, which I'm very excited about.
Nice to get the bug again for the Greater Good. I love the models, and I was always pretty decent with the game.
I got pretty upset at the new Nids list, though - not sure how beatable they are in this edition of their Codex (not necessarily 4th rules).
See you around.
Tell Kai'lore I'm going to look forward to antagonizing him (without flaming) if he reads here.
Proudly banned from both Mech Tau Tactica and Advanced Tau Tactica by Kai'Lore. Kai'Lore has no honor and the fact that my mere presence reminds him of this is more than his cowardly person can bear. He banned me from the new site after less than a day. =)
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Default Re: Heliodorus means "gift of the sun" in Greek (I hope)

i think you got the name right, but im not quite sure. i studied latin .

as for your mech tau experience, we have Tonka, but i dont know of any others. please dont do anything brash, i would hate to see you leave so soon.
yes, that is me in the pic.
this be the awesome sig that kais made me...

2000 points
1500 points
my army lists.
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