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New to TO, not to 40K
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Kroot Shaper
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Default New to TO, not to 40K

Hey everybody. Been lurking the boards for a few weeks now, trying to get my Tau done and figured I'd introduce myself. I haven't been very active lately, but you may recognize my handle from Bolter & Chainsword or DakkaDakka. I always try and use the same handle, sig, and avatar.

A little about me, I'm 23, I work at a FLGS called Adventurer's Guild of Riverside here in southern california. I've been playing 40K for about 7 years now, and Tau will be my 14th army (yeah, I think I like 40K* ;D ). I also do Salamanders, Deathwing, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists, Ultramarines, Grey Knights, Deamonhunters, Cadians, Tanith, armored company, Necrons, Alpha Legion, Night Lords, and I used to have Eldar and Dark Eldar. If you want to take a look at some of my non-Tau, my personal gallery is http://www.pbase.com/emberviii, with my most recent paintjobs being in "Ebay"

Anyways, the reason I started coming around is that I just re-started my "human Tau" idea for the Dark Crusade campeign. It's an idea I had when the Tau first came out and initially, they were gonna be Tau with human headswaps and feetswaps. Now, they've evolved into Tau Mercenariesall working towards the "greatest good" (ie money) and are a mix of Tau, Humans, Eldar, and even some Hrud.* I'll also be mixing in some Orks with the Kroot and using some ogryn as Krootox. Everything is heavily converted, I'm especially fond of my two Hrud firewarriors. I'll try and get some pictures up but since I didn't take WIP pics and they're primed black, I'll have to wait till I paint them sometime this week (almost got the whole* 500pt combat patrol force done). As I expand them into a full army, they'll probably be a Mecha Tau army, as the concept behind Mecha Tau really jives with my image of how a mercenary force would fight, after all what's the point of winning if (and getting paid) if you aren't around to enjoy the rewards!
~Kalamadea (aka Ember)
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Default Re: New to TO, not to 40K

well... what can I say... Welcome to the forum
quoted from an HH pilot: "I get hammered at work!"

Death is only the beginning. It is a gateway accessing the unknown, and, sooner-or-later, we will all cross over.
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Default Re: New to TO, not to 40K

Welcome to TO! Be sure to read the Forum Rules and to Vote for TO! Be sure to make a visit to the Tau Board!
I'm sure that your infinite wisdome will inspire us all! Enjoy your stay!
~Aunny ;D
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