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Finally getting around to registering here.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Finally getting around to registering here.

'Lo, all. I've been playing Tau for as long as I've been playing 40K-I guess it's been about a year now since I first broke open that Battle for Macragge box and took a whiff of the plastic fumes that permanently damaged my brain and gave me the irressistable to buy a helluva lot of overpriced plastic minis that I even have to build myself. I've visited this site many times before, but never got around to registering until I found the big thread 'o Tau Codex info.
Anyways, I'm from Whitehorse, Yukon-which is in way-the-hell-northern Canada, for those who don't know. It's next to Alaska.
Wow, that sounds really strange. I just moved here, and am still getting used to the whole north-of-60 thing.

Anyways, even though I've only lurked around here a bit, I'm liking it here-seems pretty cool.

Ooh, and if I post a haiku or some other form of poetry, do the other posters 'give' me gifts?
And anybody who gets that reference-I'm AKA Marauder_Pilot.

Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me.

There are no problems that cannot be solved by sufficent application of Giant Robots.
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Default Re: Finally getting around to registering here.

hi and welcome to TAU ONLINE,
read the rules and happy posting,
i was up in DAWSON city a few months ago
near you?

Praise be to the Omnissiah.url=http://www.pickle-green.com/egraphics/main.php?id=eggs][/url]
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Default Re: Finally getting around to registering here.

Welcome to TO! Be sure to read the Forum Rules and to Vote for TO! I'm sure that with your infinite wisdom you will shine here on the boards! Enjoy your stay!
~Aunny ;D
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