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Hi im Tyranus
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Old 18 Oct 2005, 23:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default Hi im Tyranus

I am new to this web site as you all know, but not new to the 40k universe.
I am 13 (14 in May) and have been playing warhammer 40k for 4 years. I was first introduced to the cool minis by a good friend who one day invited me over. I saw his tau and immediately was hooked. I asked him if i could have his tau( for I didn't know how much they cost) and he scoffed at me and said no. My father came to pick me up and i offered to buy them. I paided 20.00USD for 9 fire warrior, 1 battlesuit, 3 gun drones and 17 kroot.

about a year ago I got bored with tau and offered to sell them to a friend (Blueboy70cc)who got hooked. I also have 1 other friend who is interested in IG and my brother who is interested in Eldar. I am currently playing a 1000 point army of Iron Talons(Chaos Undivided) and have won 9 out of 11 time against my friends and brother.
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Default Re: Hi im Tyranus

Welcome to TO. How may I serve you?

If you read this sentince, it will tell you nothing.
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Default Re: Hi im Tyranus

Originally Posted by CompuBrains
Welcome to TO. How may I serve you?
will u serve me aswell?

*looks around and sees Warsmith Tyranus*
Oh... Hi there... Welcome to TO
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Default Re: Hi im Tyranus

Sup Tyranus.... Yeah i'm new to Tau Online also. I started playing last summer when i went to Patomac Mills mall's Games Workshop. Right now i own a Squad of Fire warriors (Hey, i'm not the richest person on earth, you know!), which i tried painting with Testors, and now am attempting with real paint O0. So nice 2 meet u ^_^
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Default Re: Hi im Tyranus

Hi,welcome to"TO".I'm new my self(2 days old to be exact).I play,*cough*smurfs*cough*,but hope to start tau soon.Right now I own one tac squad,and I've been hooked for..(counts on fingers)about 4 months.
I think you got a nice deal on that tau stuff considering a battle suit costs $30 and kroot cost $35 and you got that for $20,i consider that great really.

Well have fun ;D ;D
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