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Yarr be for yes and Narr be for no...
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Default Yarr be for yes and Narr be for no...

Hey all you blue-skinned fanatics out there! I'm new to this site, I play Tau, and I can't wait for the new codex (and HOPEFULLY Tetra's that are legal *drool*). Right now, I own around 1250 points of Mechanized Tau, and I LOVE playing them. They work great and are a very nice themed army. Anyway, I also have Marines(just sorta stopped w/ them... they got BOORING!), might be selling them. I play versus I.G., Marines, Tyranids, and Eldar the most, and I have had a nice record so far (5/1/0). I hope to build up my army and my skills, and have a good time (which the game is about, for all those powergamers out there...)
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Default Re: Yarr be for yes and Narr be for no...

Blue? no, I'm metal.

Welcome to TO.

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Default Re: Yarr be for yes and Narr be for no...

for the Tau'va
for TO a
and for fun...

Welcome to TO
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