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hi all
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Default hi all

Hi every body I'm Mrgame,i live in IL(U.S.) I'm really new(like two weeks),I play Ultramarines(dont hold that against me!!!)and right now i dont even consider this an army since I have on tactical squad (i know pretty sad :'( :'()and planing on buying an assault squad soon along with a chaplian.

I plan on starting Tau soon after i get around 1500 pts of my marines(long way to go,but i have it all planed out so i should only take a couple of months). I think your site is pretty cool(I came upon it while searching 40k sites in google) I like the terrain stuff and started doing a bunker and just twisted metal debries(I use cardbard,i know its not the best but i try since i dont like to use what is not available to me or i'll grow dependent on it.Polish or what lol)im not perfectly good at that stuff since i measure once,cut 5 times and screw it up but i try to fix it lol(noticeable fixes i might add)

I'll try to visit this site as much as i can(after i visit gw's site,B&C,and a couple of ut99 and other game sites,yes a computer gamer i am ;D ;D)
well ill brose around and look at this tomorrow,good night all ;D ;D
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Default Re: hi all


No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: hi all

Originally Posted by Kangaroo Joe

Anyway. Welcome to TO and good luck with ur army
quoted from an HH pilot: "I get hammered at work!"

Death is only the beginning. It is a gateway accessing the unknown, and, sooner-or-later, we will all cross over.
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Default Re: hi all


Dont see many non-tau players around here, so it nice for a bit of change.

Even if you ARE an UM player *cough*SMURF*cough*

Aaah, you know Im just kidding.
I actually really like UM, and I would collect them if I could be bothered to finish off the armies I already have.....

Nice to see you.

And listen closely to everything KJ says.
That man knows his stuff.
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Default Re: hi all


One of squad of troops is better than none. Have fun - and don't take too seriously the major ribbing you will take here for being a SMURF. For most it is all in fun. Good Luck.
Now is the time for all good Tau to come to the aid of the Greater Good.
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