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Warhammer player goes 40k^^
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Default Warhammer player goes 40k^^


After building up a Dwarf and Ogre Kingdoms army in fantasy I have decided to turn to 40k, and my choice fell on Tau. I have heard some pretty could things about them.

I have heard that there will be a update of the race soon, but that wont effect all models have I heard. Is that true? What models are the smartest to buy if your going for a small Tau force that u can play with pretty quick?

Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Warhammer player goes 40k^^

They will update the Tau in April, (which just so happens to be my birthday and I will be recieving the Battleforce ;D) as of now we know they're readoing the XV15 Stealth suits and that's it. they're also introducing a new alien race-the Vespids.
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Default Re: Warhammer player goes 40k^^


welcom to TO. I woud suggest buying the army pack which includes 3 crisis suits, 12 FW, 8 drones and 12 Kroot... like that u can already play small games
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