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The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce
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Kroot Shaper
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Default The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce

"Aun'Sau! Aun'Sau"

A short tau, dressed in the attire of a lower ranking burecrat, banged the door of the office. The door slid aside and over the chubby tau stood the Ethreal, A book clasped in his three fingered hand. A little drine bit welcome to the vistor but the earthreal shooed it off. He smiled gentle and spoke, his majesty voice entranceing the young tau, like it had so many times before.

"ah, my freind, what is it?" He questioned with his smile.

Guiding his short freind in he sat back down on the seat at his table, looking over a report he had received a few days ago. The chubby politcian caught his breath.

"Aun, I'm afraid, Shas'o'ukos is 'training' the shas'uis again" He stammered out.

the ethereal sighed.

"I guess I will be going to see my freind again,what example is that ukos setting for the young ones of The Tash'var sept"

The aun rose from his seat and patted the shoulder of his freind and told the drone to escort him back to his post. He came to a stop on a mag-train telling it to take him to the training grounds. Looking over the struture, white and imposible by gue'la architecture.

He stood again as he heard the sounds of battle, the mag-train stopped and left him at the battle field. A drone acompanied him.

"Show me to the honourable Shas'o'Ukos'Miy'tash" the drone flew on and he pursued. the battle becoming louder. suddenly, a crisis battlesuit shot past, takign the drone with it. He grunted and looked to the silver battlesuit as it stopped, turning to meet two blue ones, one with a blue helmet and one with a silver helmet.

"oh, Aun'sau" The silver one looked to the eathereal.

Quickly, all three pilots dismounted and showed thier respect to the aun. The pilot with the scar at right angles to the indent that seemed to be his nose, making a cross, grunted in pain as the ethereal butted the crown of the tau's head with the end of his symbol of office.

"My freind Shas'o'ukos, you will kill your boys in training, if you keep doing this" He luaghed.

The short, chubby commander looked up, the sweat dripping off him. A grin curling on his blue lips.

"If my sons are to be my sucessors they must go through what my father did" he laughed.

"This is not Tau Shas'o'Ukos. This is Tash'var" he replied.

"I know all too well, my lord"


Haha, Hey every one, I thought I'd open with a bit of diolgue. Anyway, I'm a tau player, they are my only army for my full 40k career of 5 years. I nthat piece I gave you info on my army. My aun, my shas'o and two of my battlesuits.

My scheme for painting is mirthril silver armour with blue cloth on firewarriors. Battlesuits are blue, but are all silver when shas'el or o.

shas'la = blue helmet
shas'ui = blue with silver stripe helmet
shas'vre =Silver helmet
Shas'el = gold with silver stripe
Shas'o = gold

anyway. I'm 17 and from northern ireland in the UK. My hobbies are Anime, 40k and gaming. I'm thinking of starting a lizardman army. and I am one of the 'high council' in my school's Warhammer club, we make decisions, they obey!
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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce


Welcome to the forum.

Your colour scheme sounds cool- be sure to post up pictures of it in the showcase board for everyone to admire.

And as for collecting Tau for five years- have they even been out that long?

Didn't they come out in 2001?

Or was it 2000? ???
Either way, I'm sure you have learnt loads in your long career of tau-collecting to teach a few lessons to some of the new collectors here.
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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce

he he..... nice dialogue, pretty cool and i was thinkin about the couple of storys that i hav written and wondered if i should post any? if so i probably will . . . .let me know ;D
Life isn't meant to be anything, its what you make of it.

"Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be your friend..."
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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce

Um... Shas' O, it says you never posted on the side. PM TO.

Anyways, Welcome to the Forums, BBQ, and I am sure your knowledge of Tau will be put to good use teaching the enemys of the Greater Good. Me.
It's good to see veterans joining, because it shows no matter the rank, ('o'la'el'vre, etc.) people are still knowledgable.

Go out and post!
"The common soldier must fear his officer more than his enemy." King Frederick the Great, Prussia

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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce

Welcome to TO BBQ sauce!
i hope you enjoy your stay. By the way you paint shecme sounds great!

oh by the way Stankov, some boards don't add to your post count.
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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce


Praise be to the Omnissiah.url=http://www.pickle-green.com/egraphics/main.php?id=eggs][/url]
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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce

Welcome to TO! Be sure to read the Forum Rules and to Vote for TO! Enjoy your stay!
~A'u'nat ;D

P.S: Neat intro!
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Default Re: The Shas'o who loves Barbeque sauce

uhhhhhhh im confused so do u want me to post my stories or not?anyway the tau'va will coquer over all and we will either adopt you or we will destroy you! ^-^ w00t and i dont care what u think of me. i only care about what my friends think
Life isn't meant to be anything, its what you make of it.

"Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be your friend..."
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